Monday, August 16, 2010

Pelangi Auto Specialist /Driver

One of Our Towing Driver,

Don't Play!!!!haaa, Smart but scary, dude!!..

Age : 42
Status : MBA
Experience : More then 9 years

Hobby: Tube*

In term of Customer Services;
Marvelous, top ten.. jer.

Dlm Hatiku "Perghh..Ombak besar !!!..aduhh jer"

Papa char-lie Models

Who is this Hensome, Masculine and Cute Models ?? 

- Hold 2 years Champion heavyweight under 18SX Kpg Melayu, Johor (2008 & 2009)
- Been assistance actor for Movie " Harga Ko, Lori Aku The series 2009..Aduhh"
- Fierce but very, very cool and sentimental person.
- Like to eat Tempe Goreng Halus and Ngeteh.
- Drive Big vehicle.

Who was him??? 

For more detail, pls email us at:

Prize :  3 days 2 night  follow Towing Pelangi Geng (standby 24jam).Makan sendiri-sendiri.

Pandangan sisi ketika kawat setempat
Baris!!!.. pandang depan!!!  aduhh..
Model ini memperagakan t-shirt secara berdiri tegak
Model ini mempamerkan corak grafik PC dengan mengembangkan wing bodynya yg solid.

T-shirt PC

PASC Accident Case

PLUS Highway Case

PASC Tow Porsche Carrera 4

Porsche Carrera 4

Monday, August 2, 2010

Classic Truck - Tow

Its seem that Tow Truck also can make your hearts feel ...Gerammmm.., Aduh..jer!!  

- PASC2010

Towing Bikes - Retriever

Really Practical,Simple, Easy to go and I likeee......Aduh jer    - PASC2010

Next project for Ours business is TowBikes.

For times been, Its not approve by  JPJ ( Road Transport  Department  of Malaysia ) with's  not Relevent @ suitable with Malaysia road.

Anyway, Not bad haa!!.. jer !!